Brand Identity

The Don the Fuller brand is characterized by a dot placed on the back of the right rear pocket. The brand represents a product of very fine quality, manufactured respecting both the environment and the people who manufacture it.

The term "Don" identifies precisely the "italian character" of the jeans. "Don", indeed, is a prefix that insert before the name shows respect toward the person who receive it; used since the middle of the 13th century to indicate nobles of the patrician family of Milan and Naples, princes, dukes, marquises, ecclesiastics and religious, the "Don" term is the contraction of the word "donno" used already at the time of Dante Alighieri, which comes, in turn, from the word "dominus" which means sir, master.

Besides his honorific use, the prefix "Don" has been later used to name the diocesan priests of the Catholic Church. Famous are the "Don" in the italian literature, in the politic and also in the mafia: Don Rodrigo and Don Giovanni, Don Abbondio, Don Camillo, Don Vito Corleone in "The Godfather".

"Fuller" means "washer" in the english language, where in this case "washer" means someone who is capable in the "dye process".

"Don the Fuller", therefore, means, "the master of the washings" because the "look" of the jeans is characterized both by the research of the fabrics and very good raw materials and in the rare capability to produce valuable and fashionable washings.

The Project

The project has the purpose to give to the client a jeans, both man and woman,with an important DNA of:

  • very high quality
  • R&D on washing
  • italian craftsmanship
  • quality safety and enviromental certification of the production process.

The Don the fuller group is made by people who has produced denim pants for more than 30 years.

The style has been developed by Rinaldo Flemak, an outstanding designer very well known in this sector who has experience, vision and the creativity, indispensable to create a beautiful, innovative and high quality product


All the materials used are of very high quality like for instance the fabric which is the result of a continue international research with the purpose to find high valuable fabrics, still realized by specialized artisans.

Among the high valuable fabrics for sure stands out in the production of the Don the Fuller jeans the "selvage fabric" characterized by a thin embroidery on the left and right hand side of the fabric and it is still produced in ancient Japanese looms, less than one meter wide. The "selvage fabric" is synonym of quality and exclusivity. The fabric can be 100% cotton made or it can have a small percentage of elastic materials which give the garment a better fitting and comfort.

To product a selvage jeans they need 2.5 mt of fabric against 1.2 mt of normal fabric.

In the end, the yarn for the seams and the buttons in aged and rounded copper are studied in order to guarantee style and functionality.

The Construction of the Garment

The construction of the garment is committed to the skillful hands of italian artisans who have, with their mastery, made famous the italian style in the world.
Some of the Don the Fuller garments, indeed, have typical tailor-made details such as the predisposition for suspenders in the male models.
Every single detail of the pant is therefore enhanced.


The attention to the fitting in the several models guarantees to the garment the best of the comfort and perfection once put on.
The designers and the product managers make hundreds of tests and models to give the client the best model suitable for his style.
The collection is always composed by different fitting from the traditional one to the most cool and then the client can choose from different combination of fabric model washing.

The Washing

The washings are the strong point of the product.

The jeans Don the Fuller are the result of the worldwide research on the washings, all strictly Made in Italy, ecological, respectful of the environment and made by certified companies.

The Don the Fuller washings are in the vanguard in terms of environmental impact because they use ecological sandblasts ("Eco Aging") which protects the workers from the silicosis risk and use a very reduced amount of water with savings up to 95% ("Zero Water Wash") compare to the traditional washing methods.

They use to use almost 45 lt of water for a traditional washing for each jeans, with “Zero Water Wash” they need only 5 lt at the and of the process for final washing, saving 40 lt of water for each jeans.

The Company always study smart solution for recovering and saving water and energy and always use chimical product under Oekotex certification, in order to guarantee the maximum of sostenibility.


In each jeans is present its passport where the final client can find all the information concerning the story, the project and mainly all the information on italian supply chain except for fabrics, that can arrive from the best international excellence.